Mobile App Workshop
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Easy Ways To Generate Massive  Passive Income Through Mobile Apps Workshop !


Income derived as soon as you create your Mobile Apps!

Your Customers Are Mobile...

Is Your Business???

Mobile Apps Workshop is a training program that is easy and simple for you and those who want to earn massive passive income easily without requiring the knowledge of computer programming.

Learn effective methods to create mobile apps in the creation of games , selling products and services on Google Android Playstore and Apple iOS Itunes Store from the comfort of your home.

* Mobile Apps Workshop provides life time support & assistance to all students that attend our workshops. 

# 1 best-seller in Malaysia PROVEN to produce the most number of successful entrepreneurs in Mobile Apps !

How often have you heard yourself saying:

"How to earn more money..."

" The education is getting higher ever year, can I afford my kids to get the best education...???"

"How to solve all my debts...??? "

" Can I bring my kids for a vacations oveseas...??? "

" When can I buy a house or a bigger house for comfort...??? "

" Could I afford to send my parents for the best heath care...???"

" I would like an income that allows me to stay at home with my kida. You only see them once growing up...!!! "

" When can I spend more times with my kids...???"

"There is only one way to describe how I feel now____EXCITED!!!"
"Kartina's explanations & guidance is always frank and clear_____ Thank you."
"The preview gives a very clear overview of the system & its aim".
"Especially useful to be able to 'make' a simple app, rather than just theory"
"Facilities - easy parking, clean room, refreshments."

Mobile Apps Workshop
Sept 2014

"Ini adalah ilmu masa hadapan. Hari ini saya berfikir saya sudah berbeza. Saya ketahui dimana lombong emas baru".

Mobile Apps Workshop
Sept 2014

"I have a new understanding on apps making. It was an excellent workshop with great practical exercises."

Sept 2014

"Very happy with apps income Oct - USD41, Nov - USD165, Dec - USD550, Jan - USD1800. Expected Feb USD3000. Thanks for sharing and guidance. Without your help will not reach this far. Really help me and Fanny a lot with more to come. Thank you from both of us".

Jude Abel Logijin
~ Jude Abel Logijin
    Sept 2013

"Jude thanks for introducing this workshop, so far this workshop have produce me the highest passive income in a day. Also credit to Kartina and also Thomas for sharing the knowledge and my fellow classmate and this group members for the support. I hope it will open door for more opportunities to come. Gambate Sabah!!!""

Mobile App Workshop
- Bond
   May 2014

"I have 50 apps and gaining USD150 per day"


~ Thomas Barik
    Nov 2013

I'm happy to discover Mobile Apps. With Mobile Apps I'm able to create mobile apps within less than an hour. After joining 2 months creating mobile app, I finally able to achieve a passive income. My highest income a day was USD130!!!
Kee Nee Yeoh
~ Kee Nee Yeoh
    Sept 2013
    Malaysian Olympian 2000 &  
    2009 World Aquatics Championship
    2010 FINA Diving World Cup

Preview -
Very interesting, decided to sign up

Workshop -
Intensive. Balance between theory & practical. Lots of real life case studies

Trainers -
Very very helpful. Always ready to help

Facilities -

 ~ Elin Lim
    Feb 2014

"Its very interesting workshop. To me doing apps in this way is much better than programming. I did before it was so difficult to complete one app, but this way of doing apps is faster"
 ~ Mohamud
    Feb 2014

"Good introductory session about what is a mobile apps and how it can be build and develope from zero. Very good for people with zero knowledge. After the course ends, you are already an apps developer".

  Sept 2014

"I have a new understanding on apps making. It was an excellent workshop with great practical exercises."

    Sept 2014

"Very informative about the opportunity in mobile apps for passive income. The facility is sufficient. Kartina is very friendly and generous".

   Sept 2014

Thank you for the great preview and attractive packages. Very interactive and informative.

     Sept 2014

"It is new to me and the session is interesting".

     Sept 2014

"Great & Informative".

    Sept 2014

"Great information. Thanks".

   Sept 2014

"It is a good introduction session for making mobile apps".

    Sept 2014

"I am attending preview held on 6th Sept 2014. As a normal person without a programmer but seeking a side monthly income. The preview is good, practical & beneficial to me. Clear explanation.".


"Easy to understand & learn! Awesome and practical".

    Sept 2014


   Sept 2014


The workshop is fully equipped and easy to make passive income on all the time

Here are the problems that you may
face ...

You want to build mobile apps for financial freedom with your family, but do not know the right track because too many SCAM on the Internet that aim to cheat your money.

You want to build a mobile app / mobile app, but do not know want to build a mobile app that can give you a profit every day .

You want to build a mobile app , but worried you cannot afford to create it, because you do not have the knowledge of graphic and you're not a creative person .

You have an idea of ​​the products for sale on the site " Google Android Playstore " and IOS Apple Itunes Store " but fear the product or service is not in demand.

You want to build a your own mobile app / mobile apps but ... you're not an IT expert ! You do not know what it takes to build mobile applications , position it in "Google Playstore " and Apple's  iTunes Store " and do not know how to accept payments on the Internet .

You want to start , but you worry about the cost of starting and building a mobile app / mobile apps is very high.

You want to build the your mobile apps , butmust be careful because the wrong way will destroy the opportunity and credibility of your account and your account will be suspended by " Android Google Playstore " and IOS Apple Itunes Store ".

You have an idea of ​​the products or services of interest to sell , but you do not know the best way to build a mobile app to do this fast .

Mobile Apps Workshop will reveal the terms and conditions of " Android Google Playstore " and IOS Apple Itunes Store ". Knowing these rules will give you a great competitive edge over other competitors ...

Mobile App Hands-On FREE Workshop will reveal the smart way to build mobile appl on smart phone and give you a great competitive edge over other competitors ... with a simple, cheap and fast solution.

Mobile Business Apps Key Success:-


 Mobile Commerce

 Push Notifications


 Customer Loyalty

We shall coach you to create your own mobile apps and grow together with your business!!!

 "In my opinion Kartina is a dedicated teacher, she aspires us to learn and be involves in creating mobile apps. She is always ready to listen and help us. I have attended her preview sessions last month Aug 2014 and move on to subscribe and she has never given up to support me in my small business app. I appreciate her efforts and hopefully be able to master the mobile apps and publish soon".

  - JACQUELINE YONG - Sept 2014

"I gain much knowledge on how to build mobile apps without knowing how to do programming. Programming your own mobile apps are very tedious. You have to learn a lot on new things if you want to do apps programming. By using this App Builder will save a lot of time".

  - SHAMSUL AKMAL - Sept 2014

"This workshop has been an eyeopener. Truly inspiring and very uinsightful into the app market. Definitely a workshop to attend in order to gain more knowledge and insight into the app market. Truly glad, I was able to come across the workshop".



 "A very good workshop. Eventhogh I came in late. Believe that this was a great talk by Mrs Kartina. I will suggest to friends if they are looking for mobile apps workshop.".

 - NOR FARA AZWIN - Sept 21st 2014


Did you know how many number of smartphone users worldwide ? There are more than 5,000,000,000 (billion ) mobile phone users in the world and a total of 1,500,000,000 ( billion ) has shifted using  smartphones.

In Malaysia alone there are over 17,600,000 ( million )  smartphone  users with 40% increase in smartphone users every year. This is good news for those who do business using mobile apps.

You also need to know that in 2013 , there were more than 81,000,000,000 ( billion ) mobile app downloads done available from the  Google Android Playstore  and IOS Apple Itunes Store. How many apps is there available in apps store to be download? There is only about 1,200,000 only.

A great opportunity for us to build more more mobile apps before they are crowded in the store like domain websites in the www as this means that for every mobile apps available in the Android Google Playstore and IOS Apple Itunes Store " , there is a possibility of 67,500 visitors will visit our apps every day. This is why many companies and individuals taking opportunity to build their apps now as the trend of consumers have shifted from the website to apps store "


This 3 Hours FREE preview workshop will answer the question : " How to build a mobile app in a simple and effective ways without the need for IT knowledge and generate a great MASSIVE passive income " . It is really  simple and you do not have to be an expert in IT to get started.


You will LEARN...

Introduction to Mobile Apps without programming.

mobile apps workshop

How to create your very first mobile apps.

How to put images of product and services into your mobile apps.

Create Mobile links to your Company Websites.

How to create Mobile Apps Contact Form for your customers to reach you.

Learn our years of trial and tested way to Monetize your mobile apps and let your mobile apps generate money while you are sleeping!

Throughout the workshop, You will discover how you can GENERATE FANTASTIC REAL INCOME FROM MOBILE APPS while you are sleeping!!

Learn our Proven Apps Advertisement Models to Generate Massive Income through Mobile Apps starts from USD0.001 to USD100 daily. 

mobile apps workshopmobile apps workshop
mobile apps workshopmobile apps workshop
mobile apps workshopmobile apps workshop
mobile apps workshopmobile apps workshop
mobile apps workshopmobile apps workshop

Learn how to put your mobile apps to be Top ranking in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.  Learn 2 secrets of Google Playstore during the training!

Learn how to have your apps to hit 100,000 downloads within 2 months without spending money on advertisement, no blogging, no buying traffics, zero marketing efforts.

How to create additional Marketing Channels and Deliver your Apps to 2 Billion Smartphone Mobile Devices.

How Mobile Apps complement your Business Website to Significantly Increase Your Leads Generation effort.

How to send Push Messages to all your customers who has downloaded your mobile apps globally in 5 minutes at $0.

Learn how your holiday pictures can be made into mobile apps and monetize your pictures.

Learn how simple Mobile Apps games can enhance your business and also increase your passive income overnight.

mobile apps workshop


Great Class. Clear Presentation & Detailed Teaching
 ~ Liau Fung Hui
    Feb 2014

I'm am so happy to attend this class.
Then Hock Wah
 ~ Then Hock Wah
    Feb 2014

"Very good and fairly comprehensive exposure to beginners. A real eye-opener and learned a lot"

Mobile Apps Workshop

Sept 2014

"Very informative about the opportunity in mobile apps for passive income. The facility is sufficient. Kartina is very friendly and generous".

Mobile Apps Workshop

Sept 2014

"Tambahkan keyakinan saya untuk sesuatu yang baru, ilmu yang disampaikan sangat menyakinkan dan buat saya nampak lebih kelebihan dari kekurangan".

Mobile App Workshop

   Sept 2014


 "Very good to understand".

  Sept 2014


"Gain knowledge and information on how apps is making fantastic amount of money".

  Sept 21st 2014


 "It is very good,informative and interactive session. Participants is exposed on the newest trended statistic in apps usage".

- Nur Syazana  
  Sept 21st 2014


 "I do see some benefit in this line of business. Looking forward to working with the genuine expertise ".

  Sept 21st 2014


"A good presentation for beginners".

  Sept 21st 2014


 "Very clear explanation about passive income via mobile apps".

  Sept 21st 2014


 "7 star must come again ".

  Sept 21st 2014


Thank you for the great preview and attractive packages. Very interactive and informative.

Sept 2014


We make mobilizing your business simple & pain free.

 We help bring in new business and increase repeat customers.

 We help you developed your app from start to finish

 We're mobile experts.

 We're extremely affordable

 We're fast & easy to use.

 No programming Knowledge Required

YOU can achived these fast with INCOME from mobile app business:
You can start earning massive passive income  from USD0.01 to more than USD5k a month. 
Dear Kartina,
I like to my sincere input to the mobile apps program run by your good self as a way to say thank you.
After listened to your preview on mobiles apps as a business opportunity, I have no doubt there is
evidence of huge growth in mobile apps in all the categories. Though game apps has been leaading
the way in the massive group over the years, other application such as document apps, business apps
still to be discovered.
Your program is so simple to use and it is indeed not a requirement to have programming knowledge
in order to build a game apps as well as other apps to start the apps business.  The entire apps building
process and publishing process are well outlined with clear instructions.
Your after sales support via whatapps, email as well as facebook groups have been very helpful and timely.
As a newbie to mobile apps, I managed to clear many uncertainties via there support channels.
On the potential income of the mobile apps, I began to see income from my published apps after a week of
publishing. The statistics of my published apps were clearly identified by methods provide by you. Without
reasonable effort, I could envision that my mobile apps income could be a big help to my financial independance
in time to come.
Once again, thank you for providing an honest preview of mobile apps business.
~ Dr. LM Foong
    Peserta Seesi Disember 2013
    Owner KIS Consulting


 We will show the right way of thinking ( mind-set ) to make money on  Android Google Playstore  and IOS Apple Itunes Store ".
At this point there are a number of ways to generate income, however , most of them do not provide a quick return as often at announce .

In this workshop , you will learn the best ways to generate income by becoming a mobile developer and publish your mobile apps to  Google Android Playstore  and IOS Apple Itunes Store."
   The method used by many people like you without at first knowing what to do. Never again waste time and energy by joining the Internet schemes that do not give  return as promised.

Understand the principles held by the entrepreneur in the mobil app business.
You do not have to invent new ways to succeed. In this workshop , we will share with you what you need to know to build mobile apps with an easy and simple way.

Where should you start , what should you do, how to build the apps, when to publish the apps, how do I monetized the apps etc etc many questions of where, how and when,,,???
This workshop will guide you step by step in starting to build mobile applications your own from the comfort of your home . All you can do even without in-depth knowledge in the field of IT .

How to find the products and services to sell in the  Google Android Playstore  and IOS Apple Itunes Store".
    By running your own business that you like and have real passionate in it  your efforts will not be a work . It is about doing something you really care and passionate about and you will be able to generate incime through the mobile apps business oppurtunities.

This is one of the principles held by millionaires in the world , do what you love and the money will come ! . In this workshop, we will help you find where your passion lies and build mobile apps that will generate massive income for you !

We will show you the way to start an open your mobile developer account with a capital of less than RM100.
You will be able to learn how to start building mobile app with low cost. By attending this workshop , you will learn how you can save thousands of dollars engaging programmers to build mobile apps for you.

Build your mobile app ... without knowing HTML
To build a mobile app , you no longer need to know HTML language or be an expert in IT . This workshop will show you how to build mobile apps of your own quickly and easily , as well as producing graphics and professional images to be inserted in your apps.

How to promote your products and services to reach millions of mobile smartphone users.
With just a mobile app, it is still not enough . This workshop will demonstrate how you can build mobile apps and also the way you can make sure your apps will can reach millions of smartphone users .

With the right technique, you 'll be able to reach more customers worldwide . More than 90% of mobile application failed by not knowing the right way

With the right planning, you will still generate income even if you have stopped building your apps

Hi Tina.

So good to hear encouragement. I have stopped for 4 months! But to encourage others, i am still reaping steady income from admob. Not as mush as Tina and some seniors but average USD30 to USD 50 despite not publishing. All the stuff I learned helped me a lot. Under tutelage of Tina, Jude and Thomas, i use to achieve USD100 plus per day. I shall get back again real soon!

All the best to everyone!

- Grace
   2014 Student


Finally, our technique is proven to save time, easy , simple and lets you acquire passive income CONTINUOUSLY DAILY - GUARANTEED !

Did you miss?

    -   dotcom bubble from 1995 to 2000?
    -   blogging trend in 2004?
    -   Internet Marketing Explosion in 2008?
    -   Web 2.0 Social Media ?

Mobile Apps Explosion from 2012 to 2022...!!!
You can begin to achieve your ambitions TOGETHER with us ... Look out for our workshop environments in our Trailblazer Success Centre in Desa Melawati:

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

    3 Key Sucess in Mobile Apps!
Learn the three keys success in mobile app business . Without all three of these keys, a business Mobile App will not work !
No matter how much money is poured in learning the business of building mobile apps , without the combination of these three keys to success, your business is going to be difficult.very hard to s going to do . We will teach you the 3 keys to success which is used by only 2 % of successful mobile app in the Google Android Playstore and IOS Apple Itunes Store.

The workshop is packed with full of information, tips , examples , success stories , techniques and the latest advice from the team of dedicated coaches, trainers and facilitators to help you. To gain more understanding smaller group discussion will be conducted in the Platinum Classroom , Desa Melawati (next to Taman Melawati , Kuala Lumpur ) .

  Each session is exclusive to less than 20 participants. This will ensure interaction between trainers and participants is optimized and a better two-way interaction.

All participants will published their apps on the same day of the workshop. These particpants are happily putting up their hands upon publishing to Google Playstore & Apple AppStore.

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop

mobile apps workshop 
                              Do not miss this opportunity!!!


Not getting full support from trainers .
Not knowing what type of business you want to do.
Do not have time to make the  mobile app.
Lesson learned is not as described .
Trainer do not have the experience.
Advice by the trainers cannot be used.
Trainer do not understand my problem.
It is not as easy and simple as I thought .
Everything is not as I expected .


These are all very common reaction as it is usual for the people to follow this saying, " A LOT OF TALK BUT NO ACTION " from ourselves.

But DO NOT WORRY this is the purpose why we provide this PREVIEW WORKSHOP for 3 hours . so that all your questions will be answered and you shall have full confident to join us !

After attending the main Mobile Apps Workshop , will I be mentored if I need help ?

Yes , you will be helped and mentored . We will not leave you alone without the guidance and support you need. If you need any help , we have the following support services as long as you need it .




This is because: -



"The trainers are very kind and friendly. I do learned a lot during the workshop and their knowledge is very useful which cab be applied out of this program"
Lee Tiong Lay
~ Lee Tiong Lay
   Feb 2014

"After 2 days of training program, I have learnt a lot of information regarding Apps.

All the trainers are friednly and supportive and facilities given are enough to support the training program.

I am happy to be a member here and be part of this family member."
Jack Chin
~ Chin Yee Chet (Jack)
    Feb 2014

"Good & friendly trainers"
Koo Gee Zhong
~ Koo Gee Zhong
    Feb 2014

Who should join ?

 For those who want to learn how to start a business by creating mobile apps for smartphones , either to earn extra income or full time from home . Also for small companies who want to take their business to reach local and international markets reach using mobile smartphone.

The workshop is also designed especially for those who do not have a background in IT . Nevertheless, we assume you will know how to use simple software like e - mail, Microsoft Word and have used the Internet .

Previous workshop participants includes:

Those who work fulltime and want to start a business Mobile Apps from home part time .

 Housewives who want to start a side business from home .

 IPTS students who want exposure to the trade in " Google Android Playstore " and IOS Apple Itunes Store "

 Retirees who want to learn the business of Mobile Apps for passive income.

 Graduates who are still unemployed and want to make Mobile Apps as a source of income .

Business owners who want to expand their business in " Google Android Playstore " and IOS Apple Itunes Store " .

 Professionals who want to know how the Internet can expand their profession .

 Those who have tried business on the Internet but did not do as well as expected.

 Those who want the freedom of working at home with family ...

Workshop Preview is most effective for :

Those who are in a preliminary stage ( beginners ) .
Those who have never started a business on the Internet .
Those who already have an Internet business , but do not get a good profit from their Internet business .

The workshop preview will show where and how where you need to start a Mobil Applications Business  successful and the  monetization your mobile apps effectively.


Before attending any seminars, you are advised to check whether the speaker has an income through Mobile Apps Business .

There are a number of workshops and seminars in which speakers have never generate income through Mobile
 Mobile Apps ( they just make money by conducting workshops and seminars! )

The content of this workshop is based on the experience and knowledge of IAW Pte Ltd for 5 years in this field, Kartina Abdul Ghani and other trainers who are dedicated to share with you their experiences based on real examples (real life example ) in which you will not get from anywhere else.

Our Instant Mobile Apps Workshop is the only workshop run by those who are experienced in the creation and monetization of mobile app. This is priceless!

Maybe you can learn theoretically Mobile Apps business  from other sources. However , in this workshop we will only reveal how you can earn great passive income from your business mobile apps . As evidenced by the success of so many trainers and participants of our Mobile Apps Workshop .

Get great tips on strategies from the experts and proven Mobile Apps developers Use these strategies to achieve long-lasting success and generate a consistent passive income.
Kartina Abdul Ghani

From the desk of Kartina Abdul Ghani...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting this website.  We are delighted to welcome you . I wish to congratulate you who want to take the first steps in the world of mobile apps business . The reason I write this message is to tell you the reason why I am doing this preview workshop and how the workshop will be beneficial to you .

Just so you know, 20 years ago I worked in a company which is owned by one of the great local entrepreneurs based in Malaysia . I stopped working at exactly December 31, 2012 which is the anniversary of my 20th working with the same company.

The company is involved in IT , tourism, agriculture and telecommunications . I will always cherish the times I am with the companies as I learned many new things, developed my business acumen skills and had many oppeurtunities to visit other countries on behalf of the company. My most memorable and priceless learning experience was when I was trusted to set up a new company for the group which is related to the agriculture and food business in 2005.  We appointed experts from the industry to assists us and we visited many countries to learn modern techniques of animal husbandry techniques by using " bio- technology". The company also managhed to acquire the " Bio - Nexus " status by the Malaysian Biotechnology Cooperation Malaysia, we were the seventh company to get the status . Now more than 200 companies have been awarded the Bio - Nexus status since 2006 .

 The question is .... why would I stop work at when I was at the best level to continue to lead the company? The long term planning was actually to set up a 100,000 breeders farm on a 5,000 hectares of land. All the preparations has been made for us to go into this second stage of development to achive this long term planning. So many things still need to be done and going forward would have been a  more rewarding experience to lead a project that could have been a future national landmark.

However, all was put in a sudden stop when my maid who was supposed to be on holiday, decided not come back from her holiday and I have 5 sons now aged between 15 years, 13 years, 12 years, 9 years and 5 years. It was a big decision for me to now take a backward step and decided to dedicate myself to take care of my 5 boys. I have spent too much time away from home and most of the time my children surrounded the school, their maids and their friends around them.

Although all the time, I would make sure I was with them during important time in their lives and make sure I spend as much quality time with them, but most probably its still not enough . I decided to quit my job when my maid did not returnback, and I have never regretted this decision . This is the best decison I have made ​! .

But why do I dare to resigned in a short time .... ? This is because I just have attended a preview of a great entrepreneur in the field of mobile apps business who is now my Sifu , Mr. Marcus Alan from Singapore... I still remember his words .... " I am not an expert in IT but I know how to make money from Mobile Apps and I will share with you my secrets of my success im which you're free to use over and over again to make money through the creation and monitization of your Mobile Apps in smartphones ... ! "

I resigned even before I attend the first class , as I believe the future of Mobile Apps in Malaysia and in the world . I started to follow the first class on January 11, 2013 , we are  the first batch and was first trained by Alan himself in Malaysia . Even without the absence of local trainers, after 6 months I finally managed to get a daily income in the range of USD100 to USD150 a day . I feel very grateful and continue to work to achieve the target  of USD1000 per day by the end of 2015.

Since September 2013, I have been training new apprenuers, initially with IAW Pte LTD as a " licencee " to run IAW Instant Apps Workshop in Kuala Lumpur . Currently I have my own training programs which I run from my own Trailblazer Success Centre located in Desa Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

As shown above, some of the workshop participants are now able to get success generating revenue of USD50 to USD200 per day. Some participants have also achieved a daily income of USD 500 and above. This is because we continue to improve and ensure the server are updated. Our Apps Builder always  follow the " latest technology". Having continuos support after the workshops also allows the particpants to generate consistent income faster and consistently.

Since joining the mobile apps business, I also have joined in other programs organized by other private company such as the hackatons, seminars and workshops and have acquires extensive experience in this field.

Why am I able to do this in a short time ? This is because our Apps Builder platform has made creation of mobile apps very easy and I am able to create a new mobile app at any time within short time span.

Our preview workshop will show clearly what " oppurtunity " there is Mobile Apps and you shall be able to actually do hands-on training using Apps Builder software to publish your first mobile app.

Our preview workshop will also gives you a chance to ask as many questions on any concerns that you may have and hopefully upon getting all your questions answered , then you will take the first step to join our Mobile Apps Workshop conducted over 3 days and start generating income from your own mobile apps.

Yes, making money is never easy , you need the right approach and understand whole concept of business making profit , then later it will be easier . We will be with you to help you achieve your daily target earnings - from USD 50 to USD ? of your choice.

It must be emphasized here that I do not promise you that you will get your daily income because it is very much dependent on your own effort. We will reval and share with your our tips and secrets of success, but it will be your own doing creating and targeting your own personal sucess.

We will show you the best way to start any kind of business by creating a niche mobile apps.

We will present the ideas and techniques that are easy and cost effective to help you . You will save time , money and energy by NOT the wrong things . You will learn right techniques in creating your own mobile apps based on my own experience in this field and also the experience of our main Sifu and other dedicated trainers .

Our goal is to help you to succeed in building mobile apps that will allows you to achieve MASSIVE  passive income, as proven by many other participants of the workshop.


Together we will succeed ,

Hopefully we can meet soon!

Kartina Abdul Ghani
Lead Trainer / Mobile Apps Consultant

P.S. You are now just one step away to learn the keys to success in the field of mobile apps business that will allow you to generate passive income consistently and profitably .

P.S.S NO RISK  for you because this is a free preview .

P.S.S.S If you decided yes, and would like to join us, please register your free seat here.

P.S.S.S.S : If you have friends who might be interested to start a Mobile Apps business, you can help them by telling about the workshop.

Oh yes ! before I forgets the mobile sapps growth in Malaysia will be more robust soon, with Malaysia creating a new schooling system in Malaysia by having chromebook as the book reference for all 10,000 schools in Malaysia.

Take a glance of what Malaysia is doing at the launch of the Google Apps for Education Google I / O in May Last year... This is a proud moments for Google, Chromebook and Malaysia. Please take a look  at the below video and you will be pleasant surprise.

Do not let go of this opportunity:

Registration workshops are open ...

3 hours hands-on free preview workshop will reveal all the information needed by you to begin the first step in the making money creation from home creating mobile apps for you or your friends.

Must bring your laptop! You will create your very own UP & RUNNING MOBILE APPS in your smart phone in this 3 hours of FOC hands-on workshop!

Actual payment is RM450 for this Introductory Workshop and you will be able to follow it for free. You will learn how to build a mobile app with an easy and simple way and see real testimonials of participants attended the 3 days Mobile Apps incomes between US50 to USD999 a day.

This FREE Mobile Apps Workshop will be held in ...

Trailblazer Resources
7-2, Jalan 3/4C
Desa Melawati
(we are just behind Condominium Saville @ Melawati, beside Taman Melawati.)
(Landmark Using Public Transport is to stop at LRT Wangsa Maju and take a taxi from there)

3 FREE Gift worth RM1,399 !


FREE # 1 ( RM999 ) :

Quick Help ! Workshop participants will get help if there are any questions pertaining to the start your own Mobil Apps after attending the workshop .

Ask any of your questions related Mobile Apps business and we will answer all your questions . This service will help and guide you in building Mobile Applications business successfully .

Get the best answers from experts business at any time during the year .

This free service has a limit number of entries that have been set. If we reach the limits of participation , this service will not be given . Make sure you join our workshop today to ensure you get free assistance & coaching for a year !

FREE # 2 ( worth RM50 )

Access to the interactive space " Q & A of Mobile Apps business . Ask a question or read the answers to the questions of the participants. Dozens of outstanding questions and answers to help you in starting and running your own mobile applications business !

FREE # 3 ( Worth RM350 )

Coaching & critique sessions and advice from mentors of mobile apps. Criticism and advice sessions one-on -one through whatsaap , facebook or email will be help you create your ultimate mobil apps maximum profit .

Register today for free get free gift worth RM1 , 399 while you attend to the workshop Preview you select.

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