Many times we can review program

Being 62 years of age I can review the program many times and there are many people to support me too


Global Lead - COINLUV
Petaling Jaya

To be able to revisit the video recording is a plus after the class

Being a slow learner, learning new skill is always very challenging for me. It was the case for attending the GIMP graphic design webinar class. The trainer Mr. Rambo is very patient. I think at least I overcome the phobia of staring at the GIMP canvas. Learning in a group, hands-on is great. To be able to re-watch the recording of the class certainly helps.

Thanks again for making this special arrangement for the participants.


Kuala Lumpur.

Useful Advance Graphic Workshop

Appreciate AMB & Pn Kartina’s effort to conduct this very useful advance graphic workshop. The trainer Mr Rambo is knowledgeable, very patient in providing step by step guidance in improving image quality. He provided many good examples which is relevant to images used in app building. I find this a very practical training as Mr Rambo uses available free options & tools to improve image quality for app building. Thank you for a very useful workshop.

Michelle Wong


Pengalaman dan Penghargaan.

Terima Kasih kepada Coach Katrina Abdul Ghani kerana mengajar untuk buat apps selama 5 hari dan terima kasih juga kepada Penjana HRDF kerana telah menaja program ini secara percuma. Ilmu yang diberikan sangat berharga dan sangat berbaloi untuk menjana pendapatan yang lebih lumayan. Pembelajaran yang susah didapati di luar dapat dipelajari di program. Terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat dalam menjayakan program ini

Muhammah Hafizuddin Bin Mohamad Asri

Apple App Publishing Testimony

Great Step by Step on Apple App Publishing, I really enjoyed it. Even though there are a lot of steps, i am able to follow it.

Adrian Tan

Subang Jaya


its very good program!!


Supervisor - Teknik Seni Bina
Wilayah Persekutuan

Great Residual Income Machine!

Fast login and loading website and extremely fast navigate between feature pages. App building is swift in adding and deleting pages. APK generation is incredibly fast. The speaker is excellent and always updates students on new Google and Apple policies. She is always motivating, inspiring students whilst being very patient when reiterating her points. Her workshop is always equipped with the latest manuals and clear instructions. Workshop facilities are good with comfortaWorkshop. Very good. Always update manuals and clear instructions. Workshop facilities is good with ample parking. I am receiving USD250 every 2 months with Admob. I am now involved in further app development with the confidence of these AMB/MAC servers.


Engineer - Goiko
TTDI, KL 60000

Amazing and awesome webinar!

Amazing and awesome webinar! This 2 Day Mobile Apps Masterclass Webinar was very helpful and inspire me to develop my own app. The best part, no coding needed! Very practical and hands on session and you can build and publish your first app immediately.
I totally recommend this workshop to others especially Beginners. Thank you Kartina for this amazing session!

Mohd Hanis Jenalis

BIT Academy Sdn Bhd

Awesome Program

Superb, excellent & fantastic.

With no IT background and no programming & coding knowledge, I would be able to develop mobile apps for my business & for passive income on my own.

I had bad experiences dealing with mobile apps workshop & programmer before this. I have attended one mobile apps workshop with the hope & expectation that I can develop the apps on my own. Up until now, no head & tail. Then I engaged a programmer to build my apps, same thing happened. Have wasted my time & money.

Not until I met Puan Kartina and attended her two workshops: Business & Passive, Within 2 months, I have already published 7 apps in Google Play & 2 apps in App Store.

She taught us everything from A to Z, keyswords & trends, dos & don’ts, gave tips & even taught us how build games apps.

I just followed what she taught in class, refer her notes, videos & manuals and asked questions. Now with new high speed server in place, it was now even more interesting & enjoyable to build apps.

Thumbs up & 5 star to Apps Master Builder, Puan Kartina & teams. Keep up a good work…

Helmy Murad Harun Rasit

Managing Director - 23 Journeys Sdn Bhds / Dot Two Dot Net Sdn Bhd
Kuala Lumpur

Travel apps

Sangat membantu di dalam membina app tanpa kod. Ianya juga sangat mudah. App yang dibina juga sangat menarik dan sangat membantu.

Saya cadangkan untuk semua anak muda untuk mula membina app tanpa kod dengan kos yang amat murah.

Susilawati Kasim

Government servant - UPM

AMB CMS Server

The new server is extremely fast, almost at one click speed. It provides a great experience and platform for all those looking to seriously build apps for both businesses and passive income purpose. With the launch of the new server, I will be looking forward to build much more apps to take advantage of amazing speed at a very undervalued price. I encourage everyone to join this platform ASAP as it is by far the NO. 1 app builder in Malaysia by far! Thanks to sifu kartina!


Trainer and content of workshop

This workshop has made me learnt alot of knowledge and skills on app development, and a glimpse into coding and programming, as well as the right way to publish an app legally.

Lee Teck Yuan

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